Saturday, June 18, 2016

Joe Omundson


How much of ourselves do we really know? Each person more familiar with their own mind than anyone else in the world can possibly be, but how much of what we believe about ourselves is deception? Do we truly understand our motivations? Are our choices consciously chosen, or are they complex reactions to external events that have the illusion of choice? To what extent can we gain awareness of these processes?

Are the most enlightened among us still wrapped up in a false reality? How much of our surroundings are we misunderstanding because we are tied to the human form, limited by our sense faculties to perceive narrow windows of all the available stimuli? How would our perception of reality change if a normal "lifetime" was not 80 years, but 80 minutes or 80,000 years? And what things do our senses take in that we never realize we are able to perceive?

In light of the smallness of our perception and our vast unknowing of most of what is real, how do we find the capacity to be arrogant, smug, and dismissive? Why do we think we can make life and death choices for other lifeforms on this planet and know that this is good?

What will our future hold? How are we impacting the course of life and consciousness? What will be the next steps in our evolution?

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