Sunday, June 12, 2016

Joe Omundson

dear friend

Dear friend,

I am so grateful for your life. You have always supported me fully. I know I can tell you anything and you will see me. From continents away, I feel your love and acceptance. Though we only met in person that one day last year, the living words we share connect us. You have given me courage and helped me to realize myself. I find home inside myself when I think of you.

You are constantly growing and changing, and the disequilibrium brings questions and confusion. Do not worry. It's OK. It's even good. You already know the answers to the most important questions; you live a life of love and wonder, connection and beauty. We all have things to figure out but you are completely on the right path. With your sincerity in all the ways you express yourself, your fearless pursuit of truth and honesty, your ferocious appetite for justice, you inspire me to transcend my limitations and climb toward our ideals of unity, harmony, and love.

You are so brave. And strong. I want to know you more and grow with you for years to come. I love you. Everything that truly lives, loves you. I don't see how anything else could be the case.

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